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Names in blue have a video of the record being broken.

Cradle 180 1500 Jack Freeborn
Swivel Hips 180 115 Cody Campbell
Roller 360 66 Jordan Kent
Cat Twist 360 354 Jack Freeborn
360 Turntable both ways 22 Kurt Hoshino
Beach Balls 160 Jack Freeborn
Biggest Turntable 900 Austin Watts
Double Lincoln Set 7 Sam Jamieson
Backflips 1001 @romancantflip
Codys 50 Max McQuoid

Kabooms (with double bounce)

Kabooms (no double bounce)




Ryan Marshall

Cork 720's 46 Alex Ferreira
Barani/Misty 540 169 Joe Fawcett
Barani to backflip 220 Li Song Sheng
Bakflip to Front Flip 333 He Bing Han
Doubles 13 Max McQuoid
Turtletable 1440 Marco Pleog
Biggest Spin 1800 Jamie Shaw
Double Kabooms 14 @AJ.Ross1
Hardway Turntable 720 Austin Watts
Wall Back Flip to Back 10 Gabriel Diniz
Cody Full 23 @Max.McQuoid
Burpee to Back Flip 15 @Jacob_Gjaja
Log Roll 360 23 Gonzalo Cobo
Zach's 20 Max McQuoid
Double Beach Balls 19 Jack Freeborn

Biggest Cat Twist

Biggest Lightning Twist



Jamie Shaw

Max Priz

Back Pullover 69 Max McQuoid
Biggest Log Roll 1080 Noah Bayliss
540 to Misty 540 61 Mao Bing Qiang
Ginger Snaps 14 Max McQuoid
Back side side front flips 10 @JackMurtagh05
Wall Front Flip to Back 6 @JackMurtagh05
Seat Drop Side Flip 13 Ruby Andrews
Fliffus 7 Lewis Thomson
Turntable 180 (same way) 53 Murphy Sutton
game of MAT 154 Indee Gjaja
Quadruple Backflips (landed)  3 @Max.McQuoid
Biggest Kaboom 7 Tyler Tibbets
Biggest Backflip (landed) Quintuple Aj Ross
Biggest Cork 2160 Blake Hartley
Office Chair 1080 Marco Ploeg
Swivel Hips 900 Marco Ploeg
Biggest Ballout Full Rotation 1800 Joe Fawcett


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