Coach and Floor Staff (Full-Time)

SITE is looking for an energetic self-starter to join our tight-knit team of coaches. Our coaches are passionate about helping others learn while providing unforgettable experiences. 


Working at SITE encompasses helping everyone from young children to professional athletes hone their skills and learn new ways of breaking down large goals into attainable steps. SITE coaches are always looking for ways to improve themselves, their teammates, and the business. 


We are looking for the right attitude more than skills. Our core focus is on freestyle progression, so we are looking for people that are passionate about trampolining, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, biking, or any other freestyle sport that can benefit from trampolining. Coaching experience in any of these fields is a bonus. 


The ideal applicant will: 

• Be flexible to pick up a wide array of tasks

• Be keen to learn new skills

• Have experience coaching freestyle sports

• Have an outgoing personality

What the job looks like:

• Coaching after school lessons and other programmes

• Opening and closing shifts 

• Weekend work including working on the floor and on the till.

• Working with kids as well as adults looking to learn skills to take to the mountain.

• Replying to emails and basic admin work

• Administering basic first aid 

• Cleaning and upkeep of the facility


To Apply:

Send your CV and a letter letting us know why you think you would be a good fit to [email protected]


Freestyle Trampolining
Wine & Wax - Ladies Night
Mini Bouncers
Parkour Fitness
Snowboard & Freeski
Adult Coaching
Holiday Programme